Divine Sparks

There is a Divine spark in all of us that does not identify with color nor race nor gender nor religion nor age. It is Unconditional Love that has no fear. It is not only in all of us. It runs through us all and while most cannot see it with their physical eyes, it unites us all together.
We can be blind and deaf to this spark, but once we come to know it something happens. We start to feel its glow, see its warmth. Sometimes it's so quiet and other times it's deafening. Yet, when we think we are coming to really be perceptive of it, we can end up feeling the most doubt. As soon as we start to think we know it the best is when we can suddenly start questioning whether it is real or if it's our imagination.
It feeds us in a way that nothing else can. When we forget about that spark, we mistake the hunger to connect with it as a longing to be quenched by substances and forms that can turn into addictions or hoarding or constant longing to fill that void that feels like unhappiness. Yet the light and love to fill that gaping hole that makes us think and feel that we are missing something, is really inside and all around us.
It's in gentle breezes, hugs, birds singing, bright flowers and more that we can satisfy and fill up that empty space we think we have, with eyes open wide or closed by going deep inside or being fully immersed with all senses to that which is right in front of you. It's so very simple yet completely too very difficult to grasp.
This is a gentle reminder to go easy on yourself. Stop judging others and yourself. Just be the observer in any moment by taking a quick inventory of the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, physical sensations inside and outside as well as your mood, all while noticing your breathing. Can you detect your heart's rhythm? When you don't know the decision to make, put it off for however long it takes to check in with your heart and ask inside what love would have you do.
Rather than trying to figure if what you are presented with is right or wrong, get a feeling for your perspective and the perspectives of others, for on a chilly day if I'm looking at a pond through a window I may feel warm and dry but within a very short distance others who are immersed in it on that same chilly cold day may feel cold and wet.
Assume an attitude of gratitude especially in the most challenging of situations, knowing that no matter what, there is a lesson to be learned and express your appreciation, as often as possible. Forgive yourself and others. You don't have to know why whatever happened did happen. We have many gifts but not the gift to freeze time. Be aware of how things make you feel while realizing you can decide your reactions without becoming a slave to those feelings. Try to imagine the same spark in you, in others and then see them connected from spark to spark.
These actions calibrate you to your internal GPS system that is driven by that Divine spark and aligns us with the frequency of love.
While it can be easy to see and remember that Divine spark when we are gathered together because the light gets so much brighter remembering it and connecting to it even in the loneliest or darkest of places can ripple about further than you could ever know because remember the light might appear invisible but the beam travels all so very far.
That spark is always there and will never leave you.